What do you give parents who have everything? 
Time. Time to listen, to record, to publish their stories. Have a book made of their life, in their words. Include some family photos, perhaps letters and other cherished memorabilia. Honoring them by having this done is a loving gift. It is deeply gratifying for those taking part to know that their stories are being passed on, and the process itself is tremendously affirming.

Not only do our elders benefit from this oral history, but our children do, as well. They will learn from their elders’ experiences, wonder at their adventures, and laugh with them at their follies — gaining wisdom and deepening respect.

With the audio files of these conversations, you will also be able to listen to your parents’ voices, talking and laughing, forever.

"[T]he single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative.Click here to read a New York Times article illuminating this idea.


How can you leave your mark for family and friends in a meaningful way?  
Recount your life. Recall your struggles and triumphs. Include your decisions — both brilliant and less-so — at junctures you now see as momentous. Pause to describe forks in the road, laugh at silliness along the way. Fill in the picture with historical context. Deepen the meaning with your own feelings and reflections. 

Give the gift of your wisdom and voice.


How can you finish the story you have started?
You may have begun writing your story, as one narrative or as a series of them, but you need some guidance in order to move ahead. You need an editor, someone who can help you make your story the cohesive, compelling narrative you know it could be. Whether it’s almost finished or it’s still in your head, we can collaborate to make your own personal history come alive.

Leave your legacy for the people you love.

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