You lead me on great adventures back into those years when my mind was filled with creative emotions. It is a happy return.... I think of you as family...I’m so glad you’re here.
Libby, client

My dad is into the whole thing.... I’m so happy that you are doing this.
Kay, daughter of a client

I’m so glad we found you! I’ve been wanting to gather family history for a long time, but didn’t know how to do it and it always seemed a bit awkward to have me question my parents. You, with all your experience, are a godsend! Thank you!
Cathy, daughter of client

I am eternally grateful to you for this project. I will remember this forever and treasure it even more later.
L.G, daughter of client

These interviews are very meaningful to us. I've enjoyed every part of this process, and I'm having a lot of fun! I've enjoyed you, and think you're a very professional and feeling lady. Thank you, my dear. It's been a real journey for us.
J.P, client

The book is absolutely gorgeous! I’m thrilled! It’s just fantastic! I can’t believe it! It’s really lovely, Maggie; you should be proud. Thank you again, my dear!
Peggy, client

Working with you has been a travel back in time with a helpful companion to accompany me on my journey -- encouraging and challenging me to get it written down!
P.H.L, client

I am so very grateful to you — for your patient, prescient and powerful understanding of my mother, her needs and her have inspired and motivated her....I thank you deeply and forever for the loving, thoughtful, compassionate care you are taking of my mother. That is the greatest gift of all.
Morry, daughter of a client

This book will be a best-seller!
Jack, client

Maggie MarkdaSilva approaches her interview projects with the kind of work ethic, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm that bespeaks a high level of professionalism, with the sensibility and the skill set of an accomplished interviewer. Maggie is able to develop a connection with the people she interviews and to elicit important and interesting stories from them. We appreciate the contribution Maggie has made in documenting Stanford history. [She has] the sensibility and skill to tease out...intimate and personal stories.
Charlotte Glasser, PhD, Administrative Officer, Stanford Historical Society

You are a gifted interviewer, one who really listens and allows the interviewee to take off on some track other than the one you might have had in mind. I really appreciate your craft. Thanks again for giving me so much attention!
Ernle, client life, the right person comes along at the right time, and makes something incredible happen. You are that person.... Thank you for your patience, kindness, and attentiveness with my mom. I truly believe this has changed her perspective on her life. What a gift!!
Robin, daughter of a client

I sincerely hope we are not too late to gain the full benefit of the narrative history project for my dad. At minimum, he will thoroughly enjoy your company and a chance to express himself. I know he will so enjoy spending time with you, talking about his life.  You are like an angel reaching out to us.
P.R.D, daughter of a client

Brava! Superb job in capturing nuances of my feelings about meeting, love, natal family, and marriage. Now we can get rolling on the next phase! Many thanks. Gratefully,   
Herb, client

This means the world to all of us siblings. Thanks for jumping in and taking on the challenge. We look forward to reading about long-lost stories and just letting him talk about his past glories. Thank you.
Rose, daughter of a client

Your interview is really great! You get to the most interesting and important parts of [your client’s] individual life while depicting her in the grand history of China. That is not at all easy!
Zhizhen Qu, translator/transcriber

[My mother] called me this evening to tell me you were every bit as wonderful as I promised her you’d be. Thank you for your kindness, your empathy, your approach with Mom. I think this is going to be a fantastic project!
R.T, daughter of a client

I…started your memoir…this morning and kept reading all day. I had no doubt that you would do a good job and that [my mother-in-law’s] life would be very interesting, but I was blown away by the richness of her story and the well written voice you gave to the expression of her life's experiences. Great job, really well done…. I think that much of the power came from how you told her story actively, in the first person.
John, son-in-law of client

Thank you so much Maggie. You don’t know how much this means to me.
Michael, brother of client

Thanks so much! It is a pure delight to work with you!!
Guila, wife of client

My dear Maggie, I am over the moon after spending time with you…. I am so excited at the thought of you bringing my life to heel — I have wanted to do this for so long. I just feel you are the right one — great sense of humor, warm, and all your education! You are so engaging.
Lilly, client

Thank you for your diligence and dedication to accuracy. This wonderfully done record of two such memorable and exemplarily members of our family will undoubtedly be a cherished guide for generations to come. Congratulations on…this beautiful narrative history.
Bill, son-in-law of client

I am very excited about this; it feels like I have waited for you forever, Maggie.
L.L, client

I am touched by your sensitivities and sensibilities. 
Gay, sister of client

This gal Maggie is so organized that she can roll with any punches!
Mary Lois, client

Thank you for your guidance, perceptiveness, and encouragement — for your sympathy — for listening!
Priscilla, client

I just received [a copy of the book] and I am entranced!!  Jim’s cover note showed how touched he is [by having worked with you] and…I understand why.…When I read Maxie’s narrative, I feel like we are sitting and talking together. You have so captured her! I know you will say that is really her talking — which it is — but I also know that you did a great deal of editing and putting things in context. You did a terrific job…Kudos…
Lucy, family friend of client

The questions that you formulate are great. And working with the whole family — it’s given all of us the opportunity to give some thought to a lot of different things. I don't know how you do it, especially with this family. Maggie wins the gold award!
J.P. and G.P, clients

Thank you, Maggie. You’ve done a great job of orchestrating things. Time together as a family like this will be something that none of us ever forgets — it helps develop the glue in our relationship, something that we can always draw on. And your questions have been helpful in doing that. I appreciate that.
Ted, brother of client

After spending the last two days reading my book, I am exhausted, but it's really fun!!! You are the best! Thank you so much for all your patience and understanding and especially for your choices in the makes me feel very proud.
Margaret, client

The book is spectacular. Few could write, organize, interview and publish such a fantastic book of such high quality as Maggie did. We are blessed to have such a book in our family. Maggie should be proud, very proud. IT IS REALLY GOOD. REALLY REALLY GOOD.
John, nephew of client

I’m so delighted I found you!
Grace, daughter of client

I appreciate Maggie’s skill in getting us all to enjoy this process — some parts of which can be painful — and how carefully she’s dealt with us and how understanding she’s been. She’s just a good woman. And she has red hair like Mom!
James, client

This book is just like the subject— classy, smart, funny, wise, beautiful, honest — a pleasure!
friend of client

Once more today I explored the marvelous book about my dear sister…. It is a treasure. … Maggie, thank you for your devotion and hard work in putting together all the words and information. I love the pictures on the cover, too. Every day I can be reminded of that beautiful sister of mine. With much appreciation and love,
Hatheway, sister of client

Maggie, you’ve really given us an opportunity to express our love for one another. We thank you for that. And thanks for your warmth.
Gay, sister of client

Maggie, you've been wonderful. You've been so patient and loving with our family and our friends and so understanding. We so appreciate you. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate your interest and your love for our family. You're a very special, special person. Thank you. You're part of the family now.
G.L.P, client

I LOVED the book! I’m a visual person, so the photos captivated me immediately. I found the text interesting on so many levels. First and foremost it told me a lot about the generations that I barely (if at all) knew. In particular, it gave me a more fully realized image of Grammy, and I so appreciate that! It also provided great insight into my mother’s generation. The varying perceptions helped make sense of what I’ve always noticed. I put the book on the coffee table in our family room at Christmas time. Much to my delight, the kids picked it up and browsed heavily. So fun to hear them ask me “Mom, did you realize that Grammy……” or “Mom, I had no idea that…..” This, I think, is the legacy that the book will further. Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make a lasting tribute to a wonderful family! Much love,
Cathy, granddaughter of client

I find that when I talk to Maggie, I have such a good time talking that I just want to keep right on, because she’s really comfortable to talk to.
Sonja, client

We thank you so much for interviewing us and pulling all of this together. It's a huge job! Thank you for doing such wonderful work. You are just amazing.
S.D, client

We have enjoyed all of this. What could be better than talking about ourselves?
Bill, client

I LOVE working with you!
Liz, daughter of client

I can't thank you enough for the way you sat with Mom and let her share about this painful piece.… Sensitive to the pain, and as attentive to the truth … I couldn't ask for more.
Liz, daughter of client

Thank you for doing this book with and about my parents. They are both having such a good time with you, remembering and reliving so many fun times. Thank you for bringing them so much joy!
C.M, daughter of clients

This project is so wonderful because I’d forgotten a lot, and sharing with you over this period of time is amazing. And you pulling it together is just wonderful!
S.D, client

It's simply amazing to me that this narrative is as complete and accurate and beautiful as it is!!
Jeff, son of client

Thank you so much for sending along the recordings. They will be a wonderful way to hear my parents’ voices in perpetuity. Thank you again for making the project a beautiful reality!
Becky, daughter of clients

I have to tell you the wonderful replies we have received about our book. Everyone has commented on the professionalism and warmth you have captured in telling our story. [My husband] is re-reading the book again, and we continue to learn more about our families. You have given us so much pleasure and a treasure to pass on to our children and grandchildren. Many thank you’s for your caring work.
S.C.D, client

The interviews bring back memories, which is such fun. And I'm so glad you're organizing it — I wouldn't know where to begin! This is going to be great for our kids and grandkids to have. Thank you!
D.M.M, client

Thank you so much Maggie for your wonderful energy and for listening. I truly appreciate your time, effort and great enthusiasm towards this project!!
Lisa, daughter of client

I feel overjoyed that we decided to move forward with this project… what a gift! You are the perfect person to be doing what you do… everyone agrees. You are incredible!
Lisa, daughter of clients

It’s so nice of you to be so easy to get along with and make it so nice for people like me. Golly, I just can't believe how nice it is to get this done! Thank you so much for everything.
Kingston, interviewee

I know how much joy this project brought my aunt. Thank you immensely for that.
Katie, niece of client

I am so pleased our mutual friend put the two of us together. My family and our future families have an incredible legacy to guide them.
D.P, client

It is a beautiful story tenderly told, and your nurturing of this project is a work of art in my eyes.
John, son-in-law of client

With your personality and your professionalism, it was a pleasure to talk to you!
Geri, friend interviewed for project

What a wonderful book! The layout is so clever. It really is a masterpiece!!
Henry, client

The book is perfectly spectacular! Great to peruse, read, and ponder. What a great piece of work!
John, client

All I can say is….WOW!!
Graeme, client

The book looks fabulous, Maggie!
Liz, client

You are a joy!
P.F, client

Without your help, it seemed an impossible task. You've pulled copious material together in a way that is so much easier to understand. I have so enjoyed reading and rereading the book, and I am so happy to share it with my family and friends. Everyone’s response has been so positive! It thrills me to see such enthusiasm. Many people also comment on the book itself, i.e. the binding, format, layout, and quality of the photographs. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you did. What a wonderful gift!
Sonja, client

You are so lovely and easy to talk with, I can’t imagine anybody but you taking on this project. Your grace, compassion, and empathy do not go unnoticed.
L.D, prospective client

SONO BELLISSIMI! GRAZIE! Il cuore e' pieno di gratitudine per te! I love that this beautiful book brings joy wherever it goes. I am very grateful to you for this unexpected experience you’ve given me at the end of my long journey. Your skill and your friendship are very beautiful gifts. I hope you feel proud of this book; it is a triumph.
Lucia, client

Everybody you’ve interviewed for our project has told me that you’re unbelievable, that you’re so good at doing this. “Delightful” and “insightful” are the two words they use most often. Normally, a person doesn’t really have a chance to sit and think about their whole life. Having these conversations with you, remembering stories, talking about things or seeing the pictures — or the pictures in my mind when I tell you a story — is all massively therapeutic for me.
R.P.R, client

Holy cow!!!! The book is incredible!!!! I mean, it’s AMAZING!!!!! Thank you for being such an incredible resource during this time!
Samantha, daughter of client


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